As someone who once wanted to be a teacher, author,

musician, psychologist, engineer and finally a physician, my curiosity has allowed me to explore a multitude of topics across several domains. What I've discovered through my studies is that everything that captures my interest, whether an art or a science, is merely one step on the journey towards a healthy, meaningful life. 


My ability to see the relationships between seemingly contradictory ideas has lead me to value the paradox, what Carl Jung has called "one of our most valued spiritual possessions." I’ve been coaxed to let go of the dogma that defined my own beliefs and actions. I have learned that rarely does one perspective or solution apply to everyone; there is no one diet that meets everyone’s needs; there is no one exercise program that’s suitable for everyone - there is no one belief system that brings everyone peace. It’s not just that there is no single thing that works for everyone, but there isn’t even one thing that will always work for a given person throughout her own lifetime

And yet, there are spiritual truths that do apply to everyone. We may not all thrive eating the same foods, but we all must eat. We may choose to love different sorts of people, but we all need connection. We may have different sensitivities to the sun, but we all venture into the light.


Learning more about what is unique to myself allows me to see what is common to all. This perhaps is the greatest paradox I've reflected upon.


As always, I am growing and changing and what I write here will evolve as well. I fully accept that my current understanding of the topics I write about may change, not only as I learn more about them, but as I unlearn the messaging from a society that's in its spiritual infancy. My hope is that I can bring you along on this journey of relatedness; that you, too, can begin to piece together the elements of your most cherished, meaningful life. 



We are constantly changing and adapting to our environment. No one else can design our lives for us - we must do that for ourselves.